Early Education

We welcome you and your child to Galbraith's Early Education Program, where an exciting year full of fun and adventure awaits.  Your children will learn new experiences, meet new friends and practice important skills which will be the fundamental building blocks for the kindergarten year and beyond.  Our philosophy of learning through play allows each child to grow at their own pace in their own way.  We will strive to do our best to make your child feel good about him/her self as a learner and to feel comfortable in a school-like setting.

The child care philosophy of our program focuses on a child’s need to feel valued and accepted.  We will endeavour to develop positive self-concepts and satisfy the natural curiosity of children using a variety of materials and activities.  Suitable play materials will be presented in activity centres.

Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations, develop initiative and independence, function as a group member and individual, and learn to share and cooperate with classmates.  We will model and develop positive relations with others, and children will be spoken to and treated respectfully.  Our interactions with children will lead to improved verbal skills and heightened physical awareness through gross motor activities.

Children will be encouraged to develop their listening skills through songs, stories and other language rich activities.  Children will be taught how to follow simple directions.  We will provide opportunities (e.g.. art, dress-up centres) which will enhance the creativity of all children. We will provide an environment with very low student-teacher ratios which encourages interaction among children and adults in a safe and relaxed manner. 

Galbraith's Early Education Program is a program that has a focus on language enrichment and speech development through a variety of activities as well as a program that is in keeping with the physical, social, intellectual, creative, and emotional needs of three and four year old children.

Guiding Principles

  • Every child learns—every child succeeds

  • Experiences during preschool years are crucial to a child’s learning and development.

  • A safe and caring environment is necessary for learning.

  • Children learn through play.

  • Staff and families work as partners.

  • A team approach is used to address all areas of a child’s development.

  • Active involvement in meaningful learning experiences includes challenges and successes.

  • An individualized approach promotes success for all.

  • Decision making and responsibilities are shared.

  • Children learn and reflect what they know in different ways.

  • Children’s needs are identified early and proactive steps are taken to address potential problems before they come to elementary school.

  • Schools are ready to accept children and adapt their programs to ensure learning and success.

  • All children should have access to quality programs, with particular attention to children in need of  special support.

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