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Early Literacy

Galbraith Elementary School has long recognized that some children require more time and specialized support to become independent readers. Just as not all children are ready to walk or talk after their first year, some children are not ready to start reading at the beginning of grade one.  Other children come from home environments where parents are not aware of the essential role they play in language and literacy development. 

The Early Literacy Reading Program is designed for those children in grades one and two who seem to be capable learners but who are, for one reason or another, experiencing difficulty with reading and writing.

Students receive instruction individually or in small groups for thirty-minute periods 4 days per week.  Each period will consist of rereading the story/book from the previous day; phonemic awareness activity, reading strategy or skill development mini-lesson; introduction to and reading of a new story; and responding to the new story.  A note is sent home to the parent explaining what to work on at home.