"Galbraith Cares"


Galbraith Elementary School is an inclusive learning community that develops engaged, ethical and innovative learners.

We believe:

  • children will develop into responsible, caring life long learners, in a safe, positive learning environment;
  • the promotion of positive self esteem fosters considerate and responsible citizens;
  • parents, as the first teachers, should be actively involved in a home and school partnership;
  • all student, staff and parent should feel safe and equally valued for their contributions to the community as a whole.

Galbraith staff and students will continue to be hard working progressive risk-takers embracing new ideas while valuing the uniqueness of all individuals.


Vision Statement

Empowering learners to succeed as caring, responsible and contributing global citizens.

Care Hare

Care Hare holds in his paw everything that Galbraith stands for and represents:

  • He is flexible by adapting to this ever-changing environment through camouflage.  Changing colours represents aspects of multi-culturalism, sensitive to individual differences.
  • Note Care Hare's ears.  He has an outstanding ear for details and is a good listener.  He is a strong role model through sensitivity in problem-solving on the playground and in the classroom.
  • Care Hare is a survivor and a creative problem-solver.  He literally stands up on his hind legs for what he believes.
  • Care Hare is not a predator, which means he is non-aggressive and non-threatening.  Rather, he promotes self-esteem in others by being accepting, cooperative and child-centred (children love to hold, caress and love him; lives well in all communities).
  • Care Hare has a history at Galbraith with dreams and aspirations to continue his promise to represent the School Mission and Motto.
  • Care Hare represents the caring nature in all of us.​