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Staff Directory


Photo of Sandy Scheldrup

Sandy Scheldrup


Photo of Nicole Court

Nicole Court

Vice Principal

Photo of Nicole Garlock

Nicole Garlock

Acting Vice Principal

Office Staff

Photo of Tracy Vanson

Mrs. Tracy Vanson

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 403-327-3653

placeholder image for Lori Sereda

Mrs. Lori Sereda

Administrative Support


Photo of Stephanie McLennan

Stephanie McLennan

Teacher Counsellor

Phone: 403-892-2787

placeholder image for Audra Three Persons

Ms. Audra Three Persons

Family Support Worker


Photo of Florida Kangogo

Florida Kangogo


Photo of Steve Keenan

Steve Keenan

Head Caretaker

Photo of George Lutterotti

George Lutterotti


Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Kerry Bosch

Kerry Bosch

Photo of Lori Colucci

Lori Colucci

placeholder image for Dada Dada

Dada Dada

Photo of Carlene Gretzinger

Carlene Gretzinger

placeholder image for Dianne Hearne

Dianne Hearne

placeholder image for Abi Johnson

Abi Johnson

placeholder image for Brianne Luca

Brianne Luca

Photo of Kazumi Marthiensen

Kazumi Marthiensen

Photo of Tracy Megella

Tracy Megella

Photo of Leanne Park

Leanne Park

Photo of Deb Richardson

Deb Richardson

Photo of Ana Ruzic

Ana Ruzic

Photo of Amy Viney

Amy Viney

Photo of Gail Wood

Gail Wood

Speech Language Assistant

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Siobhan Rasmussen

Siobhan Rasmussen

Learning Commons Facilitator

Early Learning Educator

Photo of Melissa Bilisnki

Melissa Bilisnki

Early Learning Educator


Photo of Carley Macpherson

Carley Macpherson


Photo of Michelle Tyslau

Michelle Tyslau

Learning Support Teacher

placeholder image for Katie (Katarina) Maclean

Katie (Katarina) Maclean

Photo of Kaylee Labrenz

Kaylee Labrenz

Photo of Traci Sherwood

Traci Sherwood

Garde 5

Photo of Tony Dunlop

Tony Dunlop

Grade 5

Photo of Jarrett Graff

Jarrett Graff

Grade 4

Photo of Christine Perreaux

Christine Perreaux


Photo of Jennifer Craven

Jennifer Craven

Grade 1

Photo of Caitlin White

Caitlin White

Grade 1

Photo of Tricia Harris

Tricia Harris

Grade 2

Photo of Sarah Davis (MAT LEAVE)

Sarah Davis (MAT LEAVE)

Grade (on leave)

Photo of Jennifer Zook

Jennifer Zook

Grade 2

Photo of Leah Durrant

Leah Durrant

Grade 2

Photo of Karen Henrie

Karen Henrie

Grade 3

Photo of Jackie Inaba

Jackie Inaba

Grade 3

Photo of Kristy Nelson

Kristy Nelson

Grade 4

Photo of Jennifer Samayoa

Jennifer Samayoa

Grade 4

Photo of Lisa Byra (MAT LEAVE)

Lisa Byra (MAT LEAVE)

Grade 4 (on leave)

Photo of Brenda Ridder

Brenda Ridder

Grade 5

Photo of Nicole Garlock

Nicole Garlock

Music Teacher

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