At Galbraith school we acknowledge that each child comes with different strengths, abilities and skills but that all children can learn.  At our school we focus on meeting the individual needs of our diverse student population.  Our student-centered approach looks at developing character, citizenship skills and ablilities in a safe, caring school environment.  We value the role of the parents and believe that when parents and teachers work together wonderful things happen for our students.

School Boundaries:

If you are new to the City of Lethbridge or moving to another part of the city and would like to know what school your child should be attending, you have four options:

If you have determined that your child should be attending Galbraith please contact the school at (403)327-3653 to arrange for registration.

School Fees:

There are no fees for students in kindergarten through grade five.  Galbraith School has an agenda fee of $10 per student in grades one through five.