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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

Learning Commons

Welcome to Galbraith Elementary School Learning Commons!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Galbraith Virtual Book Fair. Putting books into our kids hands is the perfect way to encourage literacy. 

This book fair was a bit of a experiment as we have never done one virtually,  I am happy to say we sold just over 100 books! I would call that a success! 

Mrs. Gallup.

PS: Make sure to check out my Learning Commons website! You will find the link below.

Exciting news! I have just launched our Galbraith Elementary Learning Commons website!! Make sure to check it out! 


Also starting next Thursday I will be hosting a book talk via Microsoft Teams. I will be starting this with the Division 2 classes and will be featuring some new and popular titles. The best part? You can reserve the books using Destiny Discovery which I will be showing to all the Division two classes! Parents if you have questions on how to use it ask your teacher for the power point presentation.  

Happy reading everyone! 

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am so happy to be back in my space and to have the opportunity to bring all of you some really awesome books! Things are looking different this year, so I am doing my best to make sure everyone has the best chance to read books that are important to you. So far this year I have brought bins to the classrooms full of exciting titles for all the students to look at and read. I have also been going into the grade 4 & 5 classes and teaching them how they can put books on hold and I will bring the books directly to them. A couple of things to remember though, the books have to stay at school and only two books at a time (so there is less confusion). Also parents if your child has any books at home from last year it is not to late to return them. Please send them back with your child and I will make sure they are disinfected and returned to the collection. 

Please check back to this site regularly as I will be updating as much as possible! :) 


Mrs. Gallup

"Somewhere inside of all of us

is the power to change the 

world" -Roald Dahl





Maker Space! 

This year we have started exploring with our very own maker space! We are making every effort to follow  STEAM themes. This includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. What is a maker space? Watch the short video below to get a better idea! 

Important Links


This link will take you to our library collection. Look up what books we have in our collection or check and see if you have any books out. 


Contact Ms. Gallup for the required login and password to explore many online resources available to Alberta students, including:
BookFlix (Gr. K-3) - Interactive fiction and non-fiction books organized according to a variety of themes including Animals and Nature, ABC’s and 1,2, 3’s, and Music and Rhyme.
Britannica School (Gr. K-12) - More than 141, 000 encyclopedia articles on a wide array of topics, educational videos, images, magazine articles, learning games, and more through three age-appropriate interfaces—Elementary, Middle and High. Read-aloud features (with highlighting text) and text translation are available for every article.
CultureGrams (Gr. 3-12) - Information on countries of the world, US states and Canadian provinces, including country data tables, maps, photographs, recipes, biographies and other cultural information.
National Geographic Kids Virtual Library (Gr. K-6) - National Geographic Kids magazines from 2009, books, maps, and downloadable images and videos.
Scholastic Go (Gr. 2-12) - Seven different Scholastic encyclopedia databases in one spot: Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Knowledge, America the Beautiful, Lands & Peoples, Amazing Animals of the World, and The New Book of Popular Science. The articles included are written by subject experts and are differentiated by reading levels. The database also contains access to a robust atlas, world newspapers, videos, pictures, and more.
TrueFlix (Gr. 3-6) - Videos and interactive non-fiction books organized according to various categories including Earth Science, Ecosystems, Experiments, Extreme Nature, Human Body, Space, Ancient Civilizations, Continents and Disasters. Related articles, project ideas, quizzes and web links are provided.

World Book

LibriVox Audiobook Classics


35,000 books, learning videos, quizzes and more, for ages 12 and under. Free home access available until June 30, 2020. Contact your child’s teacher for more information.




Join Howard B. Wigglebottom as he learns important life lessons. Enjoy Lessons, games, books and songs. 


Enjoy free books from Audible!