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Alberta Education Assurance Framework

Alberta Education’s Assurance Framework provides the basis for accountability and public assurance in the Kindergarten to Grade 12 education system. To support the framework, the provincial government collects survey data on behalf of schools and school authorities to assess our learning goals as schools, school authorities and as a provincial government. The survey results are combined with those from other measures to provide key information about how the education system is doing.
Results show which measures have improved, which have remained constant and which have declined. It allows everyone – parents, teachers, school authorities, students and the province – to celebrate successes and respond to challenges together. Schools and school authorities are expected to share their results and plans for improvement with the community so they can review them. At a glance, the results point out successes and areas of concern from a local and provincial perspective. 

Below you will find a link to Galbraith's Annual Education Results Report and our plan to continue our growth this year. 

Assurance Survey Results 2023-2024


Galbraith School Assurance Plan 2024-2025

All planning and reporting in Lethbridge School Division follows the provincial assurance framework. It is a balanced approach to accountability with the goal of continual improvement and enhanced public assurance.

Galbraith Assurance Plan 2024-2025