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The Galbraith Elementary School guidance and counselling program is based on the philosophy that guidance and counselling is available for all students.  The program reflects and supports the transition from a traditional, reactive counselling approach to a more comprehensive approach involving all school staff, home and community.  The scope of the program includes responsive services and individual student planning but also includes developmental guidance instruction and school/community support.  It recognizes and supports opportunities for proactive and preventive programs and approaches.  It is based on the belief that each individual is unique, that programs must focus on the developmental needs of students, teachers, staff, parents and the larger school community and must be flexible enough to respond to changing needs.  

A Family Team approach is used to meeting the varied needs of the student body. The family team consists of the School Administration, Elementary Liaison Counsellor and Learning Support Teacher. The Principal oversees the counselling program. Family Team Meetings are held regularly to coordinate services and programs to children and families.

Our school uses a multi-team approach when supporting students and families.  At times, parents may be invited to join a Student Assistant Team (SAT) meeting at the school.  The purpose of the Student Assistant Team is to assist students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes necessary for success. It assists teachers to develop strategies to meet the specific needs of a student.  The Student Assistance Team is comprised of the Principal, the Parent(s), the Referring Teacher, the Learning Support Teacher and as needed the Psychologist, the Counsellor and the Assistant Principal. Parent(s) of students referred will be contacted to meet with the team to discuss the concern(s) and arrive at some mutual solutions.