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Overview of Busing Rules and Regulations


Large Items on Buses

The school bus operations, section 23 of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation, which deals with the carrying of luggage, equipment and tools (such as band instruments and sports equipment) states “they shall not be carried in the interior of a school bus” unless “they can be stored under the seat, do not block aisles or emergency exits, cannot be dislodged when the brakes of the school bus are applied, during acceleration of the school bus or in the event of an accident involving the school bus”. The driver is responsible for ensuring that items are transported in accordance with this section.

As these items cannot be secured; tubas,  trombones, saxophones, French horns, skate boards, skis, hockey sticks, scooters, large  hockey bags, curling brooms, suitcases with wheels, large shop project, etc... They will not be allowed on the bus.

Students may only carry those items which can be held safely on their laps. The items must not stick up above the seat and must not be wider than 33cm x 33cm x 59cm so as not to intrude in another student’s space or stick out into the aisle. Items allowed on the bus must be held on the student’s lap at all times.